Friday, 12 October 2007

Play Math Game

There are many math games. Students like to play, and learning through play is one way to steer interest in the applications of math. Have you heard of Math UNO. It is a card game where numbers are printed on the cards. Here relationship between numbers can be used as gauge for the game. It can be used to check "higher than" or "lower than" criteria to play.

Games can be played in groups or indivdual depending on the type. Sudoku is one very exciting game that an individual can play. It tests logic.

Bingo is another game that math lesson can use.

We can also test the speed of players by seeing who has the fastest time in placing the number tags onto the number list(need to match number on list with number tags).

Besides math textbook, these games can be implemented to lighten the impression that math is dull and boring. Games can be made to trigger interest in math.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

First Is Maths Interesting?

The title is a question commonly asked by learners and teachers. We have to learn maths since young and nowadays even at nursery (though the poor kids may not know it as they are playing with maths!). As kids grow up and attend formal education, they may grow to like or dislike maths which is a core subject in most school.

So how do we make them interested in maths? Or rather how do we make maths interesting to them? I hope this post can start the ball rolling........

By: Lim Ee Hai (Webmaster of