Thursday, 27 May 2010

Purpose of Variables in Algebra

Unknowns are literally unknowns.

In maths, these unknowns are a cuause formaths anxiety.
When you are in unfamiliar territory, you will naturally be uncomfortable and unease.

This is the same feelingwhen dealing with unknowns in maths.

Algebra came to the rescue for this problems.

Here, you will find unknowns named as "variables".

They served as "parking lots" for the final answers or unknowns.

In this algebra, you replace the variables for final numbers and work with them as though you already know them.

You simply go through the motion of solving the question with any given condition and numbers / data.

Upon finally reaching the last step, the numerical answers for the problem will be revealed.

This is the power of the variables in algebra.

Just simply work along, and not be fearful of the unknowns.
The steps will align you to the final answers.

Maths is interesting!