Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Using Units to Deduce Maths Formula

There are times when we cannot remember some simple formula for a maths application.

Or we have doubts to the some maths working  especially when many parameters got involved.

I ave a simple tip.

Look at the units for the numerical item.


To calculate distance travelled by a vehicle, given the speed it goes  and time taken,

we look at the speed's units.

Unit:  m / s

What does it tell?

Yes, it gave an indirect answer that speed = distance / time.

Thus if time is given, we are able to know that we just need to multiple speed by time in order to retain only the distance.

(m / s) x s  =  m (only)  ==> Distance

The above allow us to use units to deduce the working (and formula).

Hence, we should not overlook the power of knowing units.

It is simply disappointing to sometimes see people missing out on writing the units for certain parameters. Maths loses its value simply by ignoring this step.

Therefore treasure this little but powerful "units".

Maths is interesting!