Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Careful With The Use of 2 and Z in Maths

Mistakes are normal in maths. This is during the learning stages.

It will not be acceptable during tests and examinations. This everyone knows!

But human do make mistakes. This is a fact. Therefore, we have to know our weakness and avoid moving towards it (them).

A very common mistake made while doing maths is to use the variable "Z". From the writing, you can see that it is very similar to the number "2".

During examination, we are tensed up and our mind may not see what the eyes received.

2Z may end up as 22 finally. This "22" will then be used for computation and of course results in a BIG shock!

Thus knowing this danger, avoid using variables that are close to number in writing, unless stated by the maths question itself.

Do not choose a similar looking variable and end up with disappointment.

"b" and "6", "l" and "1" or "S" and "5". These are dangerous combination.

Thus look carefully when dealing with these numbers and variables.

Do not cause unnecessary mistakes. Save your effort to deal with better challenging thinking.


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