Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Application of Boolean AND operation

Boolean, though, of 2 states, can still be useful.

The concepts of multiplication in this AND operation can be used to perform cancellation of unknowns.

Anything times zero gives zero.
This is a common knowledge.

Here we are talking about basic fundamental maths. Nothing difficult.

Cancellation of unknowns in the AND operation means that we are able to mask out the unwanted or redefine the unknowns to a definite state.
Here the unknown become a zero, a known state or condition.

A more specific application is in the masking of unconnected inputs to a processing system. If the inputs are scanned and compared for status updates, the inputs have to be accurate or of a known status. Otherwise, comparison results become meaningless.

Here the Boolean multiplication (AND) forces the unconnected input to a zero. This is then an accurate input status for comparison.

Here, maths is applied to technical application, and its usefulness become apparent.
This is the power of understanding maths , and is exactly what makes maths interesting.


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