Monday, 26 October 2009

What Does "of" Means In Mathematics?

Reading maths question is a critical skill to learn.

Without understanding the question, you will not be able to solve the challenge correctly.

A typical maths problem uses the word "of" to express ratio.

What really does this simple word means?

To an adult this is the understanding of English.
But to a kid, this is not English but a maths question!

What then is "of" in maths?

Answer:  It means MULTIPLY.

half of the time ==>  0.5 x time

2/3 of the class ==> (2/3) x (class total)

If 40% of the apples are rotten, how many are left? ==> 0.4 x apples are rotten

Learn English well to handle maths.

This simple word "of" may make you happy or sad.
The choice is yours.

But remember, "Maths Is Interesting!".
So despair not, enjoy your maths.

Cheers  :-D


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