Sunday, 29 November 2009

Square Root | An Exciting Outcome

Everyone knows what a square root is for and what it does to a number.

But have you tried multiple square rooting ?

What do I mean?

Let's take an example.

Start with a number, say, 3.

i)  Square root this 3.
ii) You will get a number after step one.
iii) Square root this new number again.
iv) Continue the steps above and look closely at the number.

You will notice that the number after multiple square rootings, will give you closer and closer to or approaching the number "1".

Now let's start with another number. This time, let's choose, 0.4

After doing the same procedures, you will again notice that the answer is getting and approaching the number "1"!

Amazing isn't it?

What other wonders can you find from this Square Root maths operator?
Share with me in the comment section.

Maths is interesting.........


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