Sunday, 13 June 2010

Simple Logarithm Tip

Maths expression may at times look challenging, but a bit of a thought may make it otherwise.

Logarithm is always an exciting topics to new learners.

With the "log" coming into the maths expression, one will be confused.

But do rest assure, as the tip below shows.

Maths Tip

eln y = y

Proving this:
"Natural log" both sides will give  ln eln y =  ln y

Applying the law that ln an = n ln a,  and that ln e = 1, you will notice that the above mathematical expressions are true and equal.

This tip applies to "log" too.

10log y = y

Hope this helps.



Happy Person said...

This is a wonderful tip. Though it is basic, the application of log power to the exponential base may not come as simple. The post here gave us a relief that the expression can be simplified, and reduce much of the hassle of working. Math is really interesting if one knows the in and out with it.


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