Monday, 22 November 2010

Basic Decimal Conversion

Every thing falls back to basic.

If the fundamentals are weak, any maths learners will have a hard time moving forward in their maths learning journey.

Let me quote an example.

How do we change 4.75 to fraction.

We can use 475 / 100 and reduce it through long division.  This will give 4 and 3/4.

However, if we know that 4.75 is actually consisting of 4 add to 0.75, the conversion will be simpler.

4 and 0.75 means 4 + (3/4) which leads directly to 4 whole and 3/4.  Same as answer of above.
(NOTE:  0.75 is a quarter which equates to 3/4).

Simple isn't it?

Maths is interesting.


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