Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Lines of Wisdom

In an earlier post, the enjoyment of knowing maths was demonstrated in its ability to form pictures.

Here is another example of playing with the trigonometry to create mathematical art.

In this piece of art, 4 graphs of various mathematical expressions were overlapped to form the result.

I name this piece of art the "Lines of Wisdom".

In the graphs, maths functions like the sine and sinh operation were used together with trigonometrical multiplication.



Kaz Maslanka said...

Yes, those are fun ... these remind me of the time where I always enjoyed graphing parametric functions with a mixture of trig in them ... fun stuff!

Subhacini said...

Very informative blog! I will visit often.

EeHai said...

I am happy to know the information is useful to both kaz and subhacini.

Both of their sites are equally impressive.