Sunday, 5 October 2008

Creating A Maths Picture

Maths can be used in many ways.

It is normally used to solve daily calculations related to work, life, etc.
It can be used to model a system to understand its performance and behaviour.

However, on the fun side, it can be used to create a picture using graph as a means.

Here in this post, a picture formed through merging trigonometry with modulation technique is shown.

What do you think this picture is about?

While creating this maths picture, a kid so happened to have a glimpse of it, and commented that it looked like the front view of an aeroplane.

For me, it seems to be the captured voice of Optimus Prime, the Transformer Autobot leader.

With maths, if you understand the underlying principles of various elementary topics, you can freely come up with any mathematical figures that you wish.

Here, I have simply used the special sinc function modulated (multiplied) by a high frequency trigonometric sine function to get this mixed result.

Using graph is one way to form picture, like the one created here.
It is fun seeing your imagination materialise through using maths and graphs as the tools.

Try it for yourself. You will enjoy maths and its fun picture creation.


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Shankar said...

i liked the kids answer ..fronmt vies of aeroplane..nice ...