Monday, 29 September 2008

Is Maths Fearful?

Everyone is frighten of something. Everyone has "likes" and "don't likes".

We are human. We have emotion, temperament and preferences.
Knowing that, you are in the correct path to math learning.

What is so fearful about maths?
Or rather why are you frighten of a particular thing?

We are frighten of certain things because, we are simply, not in control of that thing.
We do not know when it will come, or when will it happen.
When it occurs, we are not able to handle it.

So you see the problem now?

Now that you see the problem or problems, the next step is to resolve them. Logical, right?

Let's for here, focus on this maths issue.
Maths, when you really look at it, does not have any fantastic things within it.
What it has is the normal numbers, symbols, equations, formula, etc. Nothing great.

What is fearful is the relationship between all the elements.
Handling relationship is always a tricky problem, similarly to human matters.

Therefore, identify which part of this relation you have trouble with.
Is it that you forgot the meaning of the symbol, thus resulting in non-linking of the equation?
Is it technique of solving that poses an obstacle? The relationship of method to expression?

Learn to solve this maths hiccups and untangle the knots. Rid yourself of the "fear", that is apparently when you are not in control.

Control your learning. Pay attention to the math teacher. Do your assignment properly. Do not copy answers. Seek for understanding.

These are a few suggestions that I can present here for your reference, and hopefully, twist your fear for math to liking math.

Maths is not that difficult. It is just a subject to test our mind only.

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