Monday, 8 December 2008

Correct Method over Correct Answer

In math, you do not go for correct answer.

Yes, correct answer motivates. It is the ultimate goal for any math learner.

But is that all to math?

Math calls for more than that.

Read this story before moving on......

You have to ensure that the correct answer is gotten with the correct method and concept or principles.

Many a times, students can obtain correct answers to a math question, if it is not properly though over by the teacher.

If the teacher did not do a scrutiny over the working, the answer may be passed off as correct.
This is disaster.
If the student did not master the concept properly, this sort of happening will also results in learning disaster.

Therefore, seek to learn the correct technique or math method instead of aiming for the answer.

It is better to get wrong answer with the correct method than getting correct answer with wrong technique.

This makes learning math interesting!


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