Monday, 29 December 2008

Key Differences Between Cos and Log Operations

It has been mentioned in previous posts that "cos" and "log" are actually mathematical operators.

They cannot exist alone. They need partners.

For "cos", it needs angle.
For "log", it requires a number.

They operate on something.

So what is their difference since they are both operators?

"cos" changes angle information to number (ratio).

"log" operates on number to get another number.

Their applications, thus, differ in the above matter.

NOTE: "cos" here refers to any trigonometrical functions.

"cos" is useful in getting length or angle information.

"log" can be used to find the value of the power needed.
Example: To find 2x = 5

Knowing the various mathematical tools, we can apply the correct ones to solve specific problems.

Without understanding the underlying usage and concepts, we will be at a lost to which tools to use.

Math is, therefore, wider in nature than just calculation.
Keep learning....


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