Thursday, 15 January 2009

How Is Maths Interesting ?

Anyone who do a taxing job will detest the job finally.

Anyone who has trouble learning a subject will lose interest ultimately.

Anyone who find a task difficult will not have interest developed for it.

These are threads of a human being and a fact of life.

When you put in effort to rectify the undesired for a good cause, you will find fulfilment gradually.

This gradual increase of satisfaction will arouse your interest for the subject or task.

The interest will develop, if the process is correct, to a liking.

Learning maths is the same.

Put in the appropriate effort and see interest develop.

Finding maths interesting will lead you to like maths finally.

You will find that maths is not that difficult after all. You will start to challenge yourself when faced with testing questions. You will like the thrill.

If you find that thrill, I can safely say that you have succeeded with maths learning.

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