Thursday, 22 January 2009

Indices | Interesting Mistakes (3)

If you are not careful with the base and power in a mathematics index expression, simple mistakes will occur. These simple mistakes will expose the weakness in your basic understanding of indices concepts and principles.

But, although, mistakes do occur, rest assure that learning from them is a good thing to have in the learning process.

What is the common mistake student normally make when doing indices?

Here is an example:

y = 9x + 1

y = (32)x + 1

y = 32x + 1

You see the error here?

Yes, the power to the base 3 is wrongly done.

It should be 2(x + 1) = 2x + 2. The last term was left out of the multiplication.

A good way to prevent this mistake, or slip-of-the-mind error, is to use parentheses.

Using parentheses at the (x + 1) index will visually group up the "target" for multiplication by 2.

The correct answer: y = 32x + 2

Take note of this simple maths error and you are on the way to a happy maths learning journey.

Cheers! Making maths interesting goes a long way.....


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