Friday, 13 February 2009

Math Challenge 16

Jane started off a multiplication process with the number 4.

John followed up by multiplying it by 4 also. This led the result to be 16.

Jane, being her turn now, times the current answer by 4 as required. The answer now is 64.

After a number of alternating multiplication by Jane and John, the result became 4 ,194 ,304.

Guess who did the last x4 operation (without using the calculator or equivalent).


The answer is not as difficult as seems to be. Just a simple stare at the alternate answers will solve the mystery.

Happy thinking.....


1 comment:

M said...

4 by 4 =16
16 by 4= 64
therefore, if John multiplies, the answer ends with a 6, whereas if it is Jane, it ends with a 4.
Therefore, Jane multiplied last.