Friday, 27 March 2009

Application of Algebra

I have seen lower primary school kids learning mathematics.
They are exposed to many logic "games" which tested their mathematically analytical skill.

One of them is the math Word problem topic.

Here they are always given a scenario and asked to give an answer.
They are not taught algebra, however.
The expectation is for them to think out logically.

This is good in a way.

But along the journey of learning mathematics, they will sooner or later be told of an exciting area called the "Algebra".

Here, algebra comes in helpful for those who did not do well in the logical word problem questions.


It is because, in algebra, the unknown can be replaced by a symbol, normally a letter.

This solves the poor kid the time to "guess" the answers, with iteration of checking and re-trying at times.

With the use of algebra, the kid can attach the unknown to a letter and proceed with the calculation.

When this algebra concept is not mastered at a later stage while studying math, the learner will face tremendous obstacles along the way. The meaning of the "letter" will be an alien to him, not knowing the power of its usage, and thus the magic of algebra application.

Thus, in conclusion, any math student has to die-die, managed simple algebra in order to have a good time learning math.

Hope this advise and information helps.


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