Monday, 16 March 2009

Not Knowing Maths Is OK

Anxiety is caused by not being able to fulfill your desire but strongly wishing for it.

Maths anxiety is likewise. Wanting to master maths but is unable to grasp the concepts.

Don't worry. It is not the end of the world!

Maths is just a tool for you to solve problems easily.
Maths lets you have a systematic approach in solving questions.

But if you do not understand maths, does it mean that you cannot solve problems?
You still can, but maybe only through more guessing (that is, non-systematical).

While learning or doing your maths homework, forgo the idea to quickly master the topic.
Forcing your learning through at a faster pace than you are able to handle does not serve any purpose.

Learning needs time to digest and analyse information. It is just like eating a meal.
Eating too fast will get you indigestion!
Same to learning maths, as well as other subjects.

Just understand that not knowing maths is OK.
Knowing maths is a privilege, a bonus.

With this mindset, you will find maths interesting.
It is a tool only for helping you find answers in an "education" and impressive way.

Life still goes on without you knowing maths.
(In fact, you actually use it, except that you did not know that it is called maths!).

Does this message make you feel better?
Hope it does.
Let maths be your slave.
And not you being the slave to maths.

Cheers! :D

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