Thursday, 6 August 2009

Character of A Person Revealed Through Maths

There are many ways to dig into the true character of a person.

One way is through maths.

By being in a classroom of maths learners, which I suppose everyone went through or is in one, you will notice many types of characters and behaviours.

Some are strong and stubborn, the never-say-die doer.
Some are the "can do, then do" type.
Some are the easy surrenders of maths.
Some cannot even be bordered to try!

Those who attempted the maths question, also revealed some weakness also.
The careless type and the long-winded type.

They made all sort of mistakes due poor handwriting or not reading the questions properly. They may miss a few variable or maths operators in an equation.
They may indirectly simplified the problems given through seeing or copying wrongly.

Those long-winded are the "better" lot with the will to stay on track.
They do and do, even when applying the wrong technique. They, however, do get the result through their hardworking attitude.

Some are the intelligent type who spot the trick just by reading the maths question.
They are the "flexible" ones.
They are the ones that seemed to enjoy most of the maths lessons.

Whatever, the type you are, maths is still an important life-long subject.
It is a practical module that serves us till we leave this world.

Love maths, and maths will love you, whatever your character and feeling towards maths.

Maths is interesting! You have a choice for that.



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