Sunday, 2 August 2009

Is Maths Really Interesting?

One question those who detest maths will ask is "Is maths really interesting?".

It is a very subjective question.

Everyone has likes and dislikes.

However, in the case of maths, it is the gain versus the lack.

Maths is a necessary life skill to have.

Knowing it makes a whole lot of different.

It will speed up your solving to some daily questions.

"What is the time needed if I drive at 60 km/h for a distance of 90km?"
"What is the area of the metal sheet needed to cover this pillar?"

We are weak in maths due to many reasons.
If you do not arrest these reasons, or reduces the obstacles to it, you will always fear maths.
This will create a mental block to your maths learning.

Practice and practice to reveal your weakness. Learn through mistakes.
You will feel the confidence of handling maths problems after that phase.

Like what Mark Twain said "Action speaks louder than words".

I would like to tweet it in the context of maths.

Instead of pure saying that you cannot do maths or you hate maths, practice (action) on it.
You will feel the difference.
You will get the hang of doing maths.
You will realise that maths is not that difficult.
You will find that it is your mindset that is the block, not maths!


Do it.

Practice speaks louder than words.

Maths is interesting.
That will be your final conclusion if you take action and do hands-on practice.

Cheers! :D


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