Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Purpose of Graph

What is the purpose of graph?
This may be the question every learners first ask when they were exposed to this maths topic.

When do we use graph as opposed to using, for example, Argand diagram or vectors sketch?

Graph by nature is a graphical presentation of data that collectively form into information that reflects the trend of some parameters.

It shows the past, current and possibly the future (prediction).

Graph is a relative as well as an absolute maths tool for people using it.

An example of graph application is that in stock market data prediction.
Using past records, people tends to forecast the future through looking at the graph.

Another example is in engineering work.
Collecting data of a certain electrical system behaviour, engineers can predict the failure or potential life of its operation.

A simple graph is plotted with normally 2 parameters.
But this is not always true.
Graph may come in 3 dimensional. The x, y and z direction.

Knowing graph is an alternative problem solving skill or prediction skill.
It allows users to see an overview of the relation between specific targets.

Graph is wonderful if you let it be.
Enjoy it.


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