Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Simple Way To Reduce Maths Errors

Anyone doing maths will know that making maths errors is very frustrating as the results obtained will definitely be wrong.

Just a simple slip-of-the-mind type of error can cause havoc.

Once a step is incorrect, the following steps will make use of the wrong numbers to "accumulate" the errors.

If the maths teacher is merciful, she will look for the application of concepts instead of hard numbers or the final outcome.

But maths is maths.
Numbers are always there.
Techniques and systematic approach are almost a must in handling maths questions.

So can we avoid making maths errors if every step is important?

Yes, if you try hard. But note, we are human. Thus to completely eliminate errors everytime is calling for being an angel!

One simple way to reduce maths mistakes is to stay focus.

Being focus and understanding the maths probem is one of the easy method to solve making careless mistakes.

Pay attention to ever steps you write and know the purpose of each working.
Every expression must have a meaning. Otherwise what for write it down as a working.

Simply focus and do not be distracted by the surrounding. This is one of the main cause of making errors.

If you are working in front of the television, switch it off or re-locate to another pleasant place.
If there is too many people around and talking aloud, move away if you do not have any ear plugs.

Just stay away from areas or surroundings that are dysfunctional to your maths learning (and in fact to any learning).

Apply what I wrote and you will find a different.

Happy maths learning and do not forget that "Maths Is Interesting!"


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