Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hidden Clues in Maths Questions

There are different levels in any educational system.
This goes with the learning of mathematics too.

At various level of learning, you will be presented with different level of complexity.

At the elementary stage, you will be shown maths questions that are real straight forward type.
At intermediate, a bit of mind twisting has to be done to resolve any challenge.
At the highest level, the questions come embedded with hidden clues to be discovered by learners and used to continue with the solving process.

But hidden clues are now becoming the norm among intermediate level due to its benefits to prevent pure memorising of mathematical technique.

A example of this interesting "hidden clue" can be seen in my Math Challenge 23.

There anyone taking up the challenge needs another step in order to "see" through the simple trick of solving the issue.
(Note:  The challenge requires only one step to calculate the area of the path).

Multi-discipline is thus needed for merit of helping get the answer.
Knowledge in utilising maths tools and technique are not sufficient these days.

Maths students have to know some basic theory of motional replacement to understand Math Challenge 23.

Hence, to master mathematics, it will be good to read more, especially, topics outside maths.
This enlarge your understanding of real-life cases roped into maths questions.
Maths is interesting in this manner since it involves not only one learning discipline but encompasses more.
Enjoy maths. It widens your perspective of the world. 

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