Sunday, 14 March 2010

Math Challenge 23

Albert needed to create a path through a garden of his.

The garden has a size of a rectangle with length of 20m and width of 15m.

He intend to have a path of 3m wide.

His design is shown below.

But he has a problem.

He wanted to know what is the area of this path he is going to lay across the garden.

Can anyone help him calculate that area?

Basic geometry knowledge may helps.


National School Of Career said...

27 sq meter

EeHai said...


My answer does not tally with the 27 sq meter.

Any other answer from anyone?

gateschairperson1 said...

45 sq. meters

gateschairperson1 said...


EeHai said...

Yes, gateschaiarperson1, you are right-on correct. The answer is 3 x 15m = 45 sq m.

Anyone interested may see the post at Area Displacement Theory
for more information.

Anonymous said...

45 sq m cannot be right!
The path is diagonal to the blue rectangle shown. The shortest path between parrallel lines is perpendicular. Any deviation form the perpendicular is longer. Therefore the path must be longer than 15 m.
The area of path is greater than 15 x 3 sq m.