Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Caution on Mixed Number

Fractions are a necessary part of maths.
They come in many forms; improper, proper and mixed number.

Though improper and proper forms are direct in its presentation and interpretation, mixed number form may pose a potential mistake for young learners.

Is this 2 + (3/4) or 2 x (3/4) ?

Caution has to be taken to stress it as 2 + (3/4).

Some students have taken it to mean 2 pieces of (3/4) !
Dangerous isn't it.

But rest assure.
If you understand the language of maths and its "grammar", all will be well and interesting.



Kunal said...

Hi Ee Hai,

Came across your blog today when I was looking for maths help. Very educative things you have going on here. Especially finding out common errors and confusions etc. Great work!

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Please do share your feedback about the same with me. If you think of any other ways we could work together, then do let me know.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff guys. Reviewing math again to get up to date and refresh the memory regarding math. So this is helpful and fun.