Friday, 17 February 2012

Fear Over Maths

Maths is one of the crucial and necessary subject we have to learn in school. Everyone has to go through it.

Some like it, while some fear it. Have you wonder why?

Actually this fear is not only towards maths. The underlying reasons applies to anything we do.
It could be literature, Chinese language, dancing, or even driving and riding a bicycle.

What we have to do to reduce maths anxiety is to know why the fear occurs.

One of the issue links to the confidence level. This affects the comfort level. With things we are not comfortable, we tend to avoid. Avoiding make us do less of the subject.

We thus lack practices.

Learning maths involves 2 parts, namely:-
1) Procedural skills, and
2) Conceptual understanding.

Different stages / levels in the learning journey entails different focus of these 2 stages.

To have a better understanding, you may go to this maths site to read more.
It is rather enlightening.

Learning anything needs a plan. (Procedure ==> Conceptual ==> Application)
If fear is the barrier, and causes obtrusion to learning, seek out why.
We grow as a result of this process.

Maths is one target in life that we can use to challenge yourself, besides the tools and techniques picked up to solve mathematical problems.
It involves character development as well, if you border to analyse the learning process.

Finally, to motive any maths learners,

just know that "Maths Is Interesting!".

You will then like maths, and anything you set forth to master.

Cheers!   :-D.


gold said...

Math Anxiety is a type of fear. Sometimes fear is merely the dread of some unknown that lurks out there. How do you conquer this type of fear? You isolate it, examine it closely, and understand what it's made of. When you do this, you'll soon find that the fear goes away.
I think maths anxiety can be sort out by teachers.They must use easy and simplified techniques like Abacus
,finger maths etc to clear the concepts of mathematics to students.

Liz Belilovskaya said...

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Alex Dumpfree said...

Its nice to hear about maths is interesting from you. I have avoided maths because its a jungle of numbers that seemed abstract. From now onwards, I will follow each of your blog and practice them at home. I think many problems in life will be solved easily if we understand maths. Wish you best of luck in maths teaching!