Saturday, 9 March 2013

Building Up Presentation Skills With Maths

Maths is not about just doing and computing mathematical challenges. It is also not just about planning strategies to solve a problem. It involves more than mentioned.

It includes skill seemingly not related to maths.

What is it then?
It is about presenting the solution and steps in approaching the maths problems.
And presenting them well and in an understandable way.

Example :

3x - 6 = x. Find x.

Solution A:
x = 6 / 2 = 3

Solution B:
3x - x = 6
2x = 6
x = 6 / 2 =3

In your view, which solution has a better presentation?
Which shows the approach better?

My view is Solution B is better. Why?
It showed the thinking that goes on in the learner's mind.

In real life, we need to make clear our thoughts in getting and convincing partners and team-mates to work with us. It is an important skill  to present our ideas to others.

By doing and presenting our maths solution, we are actually aligning ourselves to real working life.
Thus performing good presentation in our maths solving helps.


Maths is interesting.


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