Sunday, 17 February 2008

Complement Maths With Other Subjects

Studying maths can be rather dry when only one see numbers, symbols and expression besides all the mathematical formulae. There may not be any picture to illustrate at times. How then can learning and teaching maths be make exciting?

One way is to include links to other subjects to bring in excitment.

A good link or relation bonding is ART. Maths is used in some areas to generate diagrams and abstract pictures. The "golden ratio" is a famous application.

Another link is to architecture. The "golden ratio" is again used. Trigonometry is used to make visual impression in building look good, especially the pillars.

There are many other areas that maths can relate to. Engineering, electronics, medical, movies-making, and computer application, etc, are some examples.

These links not only make maths learning real, it enables learners to understand the unlimited role maths has on other areas of life.

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