Thursday, 7 February 2008

Reverse Learning

We learn things provided we know the outcome. Through the outcome, we know what we are aiming for. Message can be easily conveyed if we know the final result. Maths learning is always hard when we do not know why we are learning it and what is the topic for.

For maths teachers, showing students examples of the final product helps. If the topics is on trigonometry, show them the ripples in the water in a pond. Ask them to analysis the movement of the ups and downs without trigonometry. They will struggle! Explain to them trigonometry after that. They will appreciate better.

Breaking up things and studying them is another way to make maths learning interesting. Break up a chair and ask the learners to assemble them back. Ask them to look at the joints and why they are made that way. What is the dimension and why is it that lenght? Question them and steer their thinking. They will then mentally attached themselves to the maths topics.

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