Saturday, 16 February 2008

Number Activities To Offset Maths Anxiety

To make learning mathematics interesting, we can expose students to numbers first. The exposure can be in the form of telling the usage of a particular number. A targeted number for the day can be set and students are to find stories / usage to fit this number.

The number "12"
==> Used in the Calendar as number of months
==> The size of a soccer team
==> The number of inches per ruler

This type of activites make the lesson less boring and challenges them to think towards mathematics application. It reduces the fear or anxiety since fun is replaced.

This short "game" can be used during the times when mathematics lesson got uninteresting or complex, and students need a break.

Different groups can be formed to challenge each other to which group can provide the most number of usage.

Mathematics is after all a useful topic to learn. It is the fun element that is sometime extracted out in place of tedious worksheets. Inject some eviation at times to refresh the interesting part of mathematics.

Mathematics learning and teaching can be exciting with the continuous effort to pump in fun. Enjoy maths.

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