Saturday, 26 July 2008

Application of Maths to Swimming

How can maths be related to maths, you may wonder. Read on to find out.

Swimming is a common activity that many people does.

What is its relationship to maths?

The followings are some of its relationships:-

1) Speed of swim (measurement of distance and time)
2) Surface area of palm (area measurement of odd shape)
3) Kicking angle of the legs (trigonometry, angle)
4) Body profile - streamlining ( shape , geometry sector in maths)
5) Rhythm of the stroke (sequence, counting, pattern sector)
6) Breathing (volume of air required, space measurement)
7) Force of stroke (analysis sector, measurement)
8.) Friction of body to water (analysis sector)

The above are items we can discuss during maths lesson or during learning of maths with emphasis of practical application in real life.

This will make maths education more meaningful and enticing to learners. Use as many relationships to maths terms and concepts to bring in linkages so as to better retain the topics learned.

Hard facts are difficult to memorise.

Therefore, with bonding to real-life applications, retention of concepts can be more easily retained. Have fun with maths.

Maths is seemingly getting more interesting now, right?

Click here to have an overview of Sectors of Maths.

:-) Cheers!


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bibizarah said...

i think this was really great examples but if you could explain a little bit more it would have beez fab