Monday, 28 July 2008

Entertainment Using Maths Number Trick

Want to impress the audience or friends with some maths trick?

Here is one simple mathematical manipulation that will amaze your friends.

To pre-release what is going on.....

The trick is by performing some mathematical operations to an unknown number, and asking for the digit in the one's placing after the final step, you can proudly inform the audience or friend the number(answer) of that final step with confidence.

Let's begin.

Step 1: Ask someone to say a three-digit number (the digit in the hundred's has to be different from the digit in the one's)

Step 2: Reverse these digits making the one's becoming the hundred's.

Step 3: Subtract the resulting smaller number from the bigger number.

Step 4: Ask the same person for the last digit.

i) To get the digit in the hundred's position, subtract the digit requested for in step 4 from nine.

ii) The centre digit is always nine after all the mathematical operations.


Unknown number : 741
Reversed number: 147
Subtracted number: 741 - 147 = 5 9 4
Digit in one's position: 4
Digit in hundred's position: 9 - 4 = 5
Centre digit: Always 9
Answer without knowing the final subtracted number but only knowing the last digit 4
==> 5 9 4

Try out this maths trick. It will guarantee you fun!


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