Saturday, 26 July 2008

Application of Sectors of Maths (Case study)

Mathematics learning involves two aspects, namely, factual part and thinking part. The sectors within these 2 parts in maths education can be viewed at this link.

One case application is a camping trip outdoor. In this activity, we can see the applications of the various sectors of the maths in the tasks involved. It allows the learning of mathematics to be attached to real-life issues.

Let's start....

In preparation for the outdoor trip, the below tasks are involves:

Planning a camping trip includes inventory control, number of members going (number usage sector), what is used to carry the items (measurement sector), and the schedule of tasks (relating and analysing sectors).

Packing of the items into various bags and containers (volume measurement sector) comes next.
The journey (time measurement sector) to the camp site is another relation to maths that can be discussed and emphasised.

The location or direction to the camp site (geometry and measurement sectors) is related to trigonometry, angles, and distance measurement.

Selecting and setting up the camp site (analyzing, problem-solving sectors and number usage sector) involves getting the correct number of members to do various tasks, like pitching the tent (geometry sector - tent layout), and driving the wooden pegs to secure the tent (measurement sector - how deep in).

Cooking for meals involves calculating the individual amount (volume) of food and procedures (fractions, analysing, problem-solving, pattern and measurement sectors).

All the above tasks involve maths relation sector as well, because they are directly related to real-life practical issues.

From this case application of a simple coutdoor trip, we can see that the learning and teaching of maths can be factored into the numerous activities within. This makes future maths lessons and topics easy to accept as maths takes on a different platform with the acknowledgement that maths is everywhere in our daily life and can solve real-life problems.

Maths is reallllly interesting!


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