Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ways to Solve Mathematical Word Problems

What is Mathematical Word Problem?

You may have encountered maths questions given in words instead of mathematical equations or expressions.

You may also come across situational questions or problems given as real-life scenario for solving using maths as a tool.

This word problems describes a certain situation with a problem within them.

The goal of the word problem is for you to gather relevant information in order to solve the problem.

What then is the appropriate strategy you need to use for solving this type of word problem?

Here I suggest the below steps:-

Step 1:
You have to seek out the objectives of the question.

Step 2:
From the identified objectives, list out the information given and required.

Step 3:
Relate the listed information to the objectives for the purpose of checking their relevance.

How do you know whether they are relevant?

Recall any maths equations or formulae having the given maths information as their variables within. If they exist within the maths equations, then they are relevant.

Otherwise they are given as extra and can be ignored since they are there to confuse the unaware.

This crucial step is the part that tests for true understanding!

Step 4:
Using the relevant information, compute for result or conclusion.

Word problem is a special way of questioning. It calls for a unique way to handle maths.

It enables you, the student, to use any acquired maths knowledge to solve issues described in words.

Keeping the goal in mind, and solving the problems through proper step-by-step approach trains you in problem-solving and thinking skill which comes in handy in real situations.

Therefore mathematical word problem is a useful method that teaches maths with a long term impact on a person's intellectual development.

Interesting isn't it that maths has such great importance!


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