Saturday, 19 July 2008

Mathematics - its purpose explained

Mathematics is a core subject to be taken by students regardless of school, state or country. Teachers teaching mathematics range from basic mathematics t0 advance mathematics. It is a continuous phase of learning whereby students are exposed to different levels. But why the need to learn this subject.?

The reason is that mathematics train the child when young to have logical and systematic thinking. Maths prepares them to do things one step at a time, or in a systematic way. Using the systematic approach, the child will developed a proper way to resolve everyday solutions.

When the child progresses through the education levels, he will able to handle different areas of the subject with specific applications. They could branch out to applied mathematics, financial maths, engineering maths, and many more fields.

It is the logical training of the brain since young that created a productive person. However, it is not a stand alone subject that need to be studied.

Mathematics is just one of the fundamental subject to be taken with the first language and normally with science. These added up would produce a well rounded academic education.

With the benefits of learning maths, it is needless to say that the teaching line is greatly treasured with many areas developing into it. It can be research areas into better ways to teach maths and also into producing mathematics software to enhance or re-enforce mathematics concept.

A test of a person ability to solve complex problems can be reflected in his grades obtained in his maths examinations. With all the benefits that maths encompasses, it, therefore, is a must-do subject at all levels of education.

Happy learning. Maths is interesting!

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