Sunday, 27 July 2008

Magic Number 1089

This is one number that magician or mathematics trick can be used.

I personally find it interesting enough for me to share it in this post. You can create deviation of this to excite people.

Here it goes.....

The magic number is 1089.

That is the final result of doing a series of mathematical operations using a random number (integer only) that anyone can call out.

The steps:
1) Start with any number (integer). Let's say 321
2) Reverse the integer. ==> 123
3) Subtract the second number from the original first number. 321 - 123 = 198
4) Note this subtracted answer and reverse it. ==> 891
5) Add the number in step 3 to number in step 4. ===> 198+ 891 = 1089

NOTE: Which ever number you start with, the final numerical answer is always 1089.

You can write this number 1089 on a piece of paper and put it inside a bottle or box on a table.

Identify a target person and request him to shout out any number that comes to his mind.

Let him perform the series of mathematics operation with your guidance. (He should get the final number as 1089.)

Tell him to retrieve the paper inside the bottle or can on the table.

He will be surprised (and impressed!) to see the same answer 1089 written on that piece of paper.

Try this maths trick to amuse yourself and others.

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