Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sectors of Maths - Relating (Thinking part)

In maths education, relating sector plays an important role. It deals with the key thinking process.

Relating sector is one sector that gathers and associates the factual knowledge for math applications.

Relating sector links up hard mathematical facts and skills into useful problem solving of real-life issues.

Only through relating, a person can see a bigger picture or knows the constraints to the problem and the way to solve the problems.

Relating is not limited to math only, but can also be cross-discipline. It can be relating topics in the arts, music, or science, and even feng-shui. This wide relation of math to other areas gives a strong foundation to the use of math for analysis.

How to strengthen this relation sector in maths education?

Some examples are presented below:

1) Say targeted work process from mathematical point of view, to reflect the unknown linkage of mathematical factual parts to the work (e.g. "pour 2 litres of water into the tank to reach the desired water level", instead of saying, "pour 2 pails of water....")

2) Quote and link as many factual parts (geometry, fractions, number usage, measurement, and patterns) into an activity (cooking, drawing, etc)

3) Discuss directly on issues related to math and others (to arouse interest of the vast dimension in math applications to real world problems or needs).

The final objective is to rope in relation of math terms to real-life applications, and allow maths learning to be less abstract. The main objective is to break down all possible barriers to maths learning and ease acceptance of maths lessons.

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