Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sectors of Maths - Number Usage (Factual part)

In this Factual part of Math, number usage sector plays a very important role.

It is the basic foundation where math revolves.

Without number, what is maths?

In this post, let me explain the details and its involvement in math education.

Number usage means the ability to use numbers and "play" with it in any situations that they apply. It also involves recognising the type of numbers for different usage or applications.

It also means knowing the relationships between all the entities involving numbers.

Number Usage implies the ability to count correctly numbers in ascending as well as descending order.

The skill to count at multiples are also part of number usage. Number bonding is also a part of this sector.

Adding, subtracting and understanding any matters related to numbers are defined in this sector.

How to groom learners in this Number Usage sector?

There are many ways (of course!). I have listed some examples below:

1) Do dot-to-dot drawings to reveal the profile of a hidden diagram (counting skill)

2) Play number puzzles (recognizing number pattern)

3) Reading date on calendar (recognizing multiples; week and months)

4) Count steps while climbing staircase (counting skill)

5) Count with real objets to expose learners to real life relationship between math and reality (number relation)

6) Play board games like "snake and ladder" to enhance number sequence (counting, relation skill)

7) Play maths card game (example UNO) (number relation skill)

8.) Count whatever comes to sight (counting skill)

-picking and counting seashells at the seaside,
-count beads while playing,
-counting money by buying things and counting the monetary change

The list is not exhaustive but up to one's imagination.

Do take the chance to expose the usage of numbers to the learners for the sake of letting them relate number to real applications and see meaning in numbers.

This will help them later in their math education.

Refer to Sectors of Maths for a complete review.


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