Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ways To Overcome Maths Anxiety

Maths anxiety is an undesirable situation anyone learning maths should avoid.

It slows down the progress of maths studies. When you have it, you tend to mentally avoid maths, and anything relating to maths. Some examples are the counting and organising numbers which to any layman are basic daily task. Yet those of you who have "captured" this anxiety will avoid them.

It is detrimental and is spiral in effect. Losing confidence in solving maths questions sets in, and will "strengthen" this weakness and gives assurance that you cannot do maths. Frightening isn't it?

Remove or minimise this anxiety!

How to overcome or minimise it?

First, you have to be aware that this maths anxiety, from professional studies, comes from past experience when dealing with maths.

An example can be that very first maths lesson with a horrible, selfish and uncaring maths teacher.

But the good news is that past experience can be overridden with new positive experience, this maths anxiety is curable.

Replace this undesirable maths anxiety with something positive and stimulating. Something that you can grasp and have fun with, but is still related to maths. Example is the Sudoku electronic maths player.

Positive replacements can also be to clarify maths question till a satisfactory answer is obtained. Speak your mind for the sake of your maths education and the sake of learning.

Do not fear failure or shyness to obtain an answer.

Seek out as much answers to any obstacles as possible.

Why so?

With more solution obtained, confidence to solve maths problems will be boosted. This will help lower the level of this fearful maths anxiety.

Knowing there is problem and not taking action is detrimental to your maths learning. Take active action, and not passive, being-prompted type of action.

Learning mindset has to change towards maths, which will in turn arouse interest in the subject.

Think positively to motivate yourself.

Boosting up your self-image is a way to reduce, if not remove, this maths anxiety.

Expose to as many avenues or alternatives as possible to enhance yourself in this area.

Be aware that learning through failure is also a very important process of education, especially with maths where the answer is a clear-cut right or wrong answer.

Let the past go, and embrace new changes. This new change in learning attitude is a mind-opener to having better result in maths. Do not fear maths.

Relax and love maths to overcome its anxiety.

Maths is InteRestinG !


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