Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Good Learning Style For Maths

There are many types of learning style.

The auditorical, visual and kinesthetic style of learning are the basic ones.

In the classroom environment, if class management is not handle well by the teaching staff, noise level will definite override the vocal volume of the teacher. Students with preference for the auditory style will suffer as a result.

Though visual type of students do have less impact from the noise generated, they are exposed to only one type of delivery.

To reap full benefits of learning, it is known that we have to use more senses. Thus, abacus comes into the picture.

Abacus is a maths tool that consist of beads.

These beads represent numbers. And by placing these beads in a certain pattern, we can have different numbers represented.

What benefit does it have on maths education?

The physical moving of the beads to their respective position is an action that impacts the brain with the other senses (visual or hearing) aiding it. It is a multi-sensory learning skill.

Visually, students are also able to identify the numbers and have a better understanding of the counts and their relation to physical items. In other words, they find meaning linking numbers to real objects.

This method, however, applies better with young learners where their inquisitive mind are still absorbing anything interesting.


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