Saturday, 26 July 2008

Overcoming Maths Exam Anxiety

Everyone knows this thing about Maths Exam Anxiety.
No students like it.

During exam revision period, many maths students are tensed up preparing for the challenge.

There are many ways and strategies to revise.

Working in groups?
Or alone at a secluded location isolated from mankind?
Revised one day before?
Or one month before?
Spotting potential questions or study all?

Actually there is no one way to revise.

The ultimate strategy is still to one's liking. As long as one is comfortable with the method, try it.

If it does not work, explore other method or strategy.
But do not keep on trying.
You know why!
Exam will be over by then, right?

Basically, I would suggest some pointers (as a maths teacher) to overcome this maths exam anxiety:

1) Do more maths questions to recap knowledge acquired
2) Work as a group to leverage on each others' strengths and understanding (depending on one's learning style, may not always suit everyone)
3) Participate more in class quiz or activities led by maths teacher
4) Do not stay late into the night for revision one day before the actual exam
5) Stay fit physically by doing exercise to keep the mind clear
6) Be proactive in learning with positive confidence attitude

The above are pointers that you may follow.

But, the truly best way to learn maths is continuous practice and reading up during normal maths lesson time.

It is especially beneficial if you can read the maths topics taught within one day to keep the newly acquired knowledge fresh.

DO NOT LEAVE everything till the LAST MINUTE!

This is bad for your maths learning. The human brain needs time to digest information over a period of time, and squeezing everything into a short period of time is not only challenging but putting your result at stake.

Why risk it? You do not deserve this!

With proper learning schedule and planning, you CAN enjoy maths and do well in the exam.



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