Saturday, 26 July 2008

Numerous Sectors of Maths

To really understand maths, we need to be aware that it is actually divided into many sectors.

In order to handle maths well, students and parents, besides teachers has to know and understand these sectors which I have categorised under 2 parts.

What is these parts / sectors that I am referring to? Read on ....

1) Thinking part:
- Relating sector
- Analyzing sector
- problem solving sector

2) Factual part:
- number usage sector
- patterns sector
- geometry sector
- distance measurement sector
- fractions & whole number sector

These are the basic maths sectors that I believe control most of our maths applications.

Different sectors will need different set of skills to manage the learning and teaching.
Identify the approach to learning (and teaching) maths pertaining to which sector, and I can say that half the war is conquered!

This post will serve as the beginning of a series of posts to discuss in-depth the particular maths sector and what should be done on that sectors.


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