Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sectors of Math - Fractions & Whole numbers (Factual part)

In math, number is the"King". Without it, math loses its meaning.

Numbers can be represented in various ways; fractions, whole number, decimal, percentage and many others. For fraction itself, they are again sub-divided into improper fraction, proper fraction and mixed number.

But actually what is the significance of fractions and whole number in math education?

Fractions represent connections to a whole item or system. It shows the relationship between a parent part to a smaller part.

It presents to math learners an idea of sharing and size of the smaller part in relation to the whole (parent) part. Only through understanding the meaning of fractions can one link up mathematical expressions and their variables.

This is more so in algebra manipulation, where division (denominator)and multiplication (numerator) are involved.

Addition and subtraction of fractions can also be easily done when the math learners know the meaning of the physical division.

Suggestions of activities to enhance knowledge in Fractions & Whole numbers sector in math education are listed below:

1) Cutting up a cake into equal pieces
2) Playing with LEGO blocks to form objects
3) Card games where distribution of card from a pile is involved
4) Dough playing where a piece is separated from the original whole
5) Paper craft where cutting shapes to form objects are involved.

These examples are to expose the math students of using fractions to represent real world division of items. With knowledge obtained here and complementing it with other sectors of math, a stronger understanding of math can be builded upon.

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