Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mathematical Magic Formula

Have you ever wondered how magician does all the surprising magical tricks?

But what is more amazing is that mathematician CAN even do magic!

Read on .....

Some maths genius discovered a formula the community termed the Magic Formula.
The Magic Formula is eip + 1 = 0.

It is deemed the most magnificent formula in Mathematics. Why?

It is so because it used the operators (+, =) of the arithmetic and the important constants used in
mathematics, physics and engineering (e, p, i).

This Magic Formula actually came from the Euler formula
which is e
ix= cos(x) + i sin(x).

By substituting the x by the mathematics constant p, we
obtained e
ip = -1 + 0, the Magic Formula!

Euler formula actually came from the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler. He introduced the "i" notation for complex number computation and connected the complex number with trigonometry function (sine, cosine) to produce the Euler Formula.

As such, Euler not only was a mathematician, he became a magician too!

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