Saturday, 19 July 2008

Engineering mathematics - application focused

Engineering mathematics, as the word implies, involves the mathematical application to engineering matters and studies.

It is not subject bounded to a particular engineering discipline. Example, for electrical engineering, the study of electrical current flow involves complex number computation that is not related to the study of, say, mechanical engineering.

Different engineering discipline will, therefore, has their own unique topics involving its own set of mathematical formulae. Engineering mathematics and its studies are very much true to life in nature as it affects the physical projects going round.

Examples are electronic circuit design, building structure design, highway traffic analysis, and many more. Mathematics tools and software generated by engineering programmer is very popular nowadays to cater for the short schedule in resolving technical issues that occurs everyday.

Mathematics and computer engineering are therfore complementary to each other. Advanced engineering mathematics is used to describe the behaviour of engineering models and can be used to check the final results given some defined inputs.

The study of engineering maths is, thus, suitable for those who has strong interest in application type of mathematics. The training in engineering mathematics also trains an engineering personnel to think logically and systematically in coming out new ideas or solving technical problems.

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