Sunday, 17 August 2008

4 Sure Ways To Fail Math

There are ways to pass math, and there are ways to fail math.

Failing math is easy. Just handing up a blank math paper will surely results in failure outright.

But how to fail math gracefully without submitting a blank paper?

Here 4 sure ways are proposed (from compilation of past experiences).

Way ONE:
Ignore the purpose of "equal" symbol (=).

x + 5 = 8 ==> x = 8 + 5. This will guarantee a cross.

Way TWO:
Ignore the written size of the text.

2x = 6 ===> 2x = 6.
logx = 5 ===> log x = 5. Two crosses are confirmed!

Ignore the purpose of the parenthese (or brackets).

5 (x + 6) = 0 ===> 5x + 6 = 0. Wonderfully incorrect!

Treating function name as variables.

sin x + sin 2x = 0 ===> sin (x + 2x) = 0. Confirm failure!

From the above 4 techniques, you can be reassured a failure for math.

All the basic principles of mathematics have been violated and they are almost needed for most mathematical computations.

To pass math, therefore, is to reverse the above 4 sure ways to math failure!
(Unless you are challenging the norm!)


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