Saturday, 16 August 2008

How To Strengthen A Weak Math Topic

Everyone has their weakness as well as strength. This goes for anything physical and mental. While it is natural to aim for topics that we like and continuing to strengthen them, we should not ignore the areas we are weak in, especially when they are crucial.

Math is a important subject to anyone. A good foundation in math will lead to many benefits later on in life. A good understanding of math principles helps to fuel middle and advance learning when one progresses up the education ladder.

However, there are times when we would encounter difficult topics that we cannot avoid. We know very well that we have not mastered the basic concepts and their principles.

A point to note, however, is that knowing our weakness and not doing anything for it, despite realising its usefulness, is a no-no.

How then should we overcome this?

Immerse directly into the topic of interest!

Surround ourselves with information that helps to improve our understanding of the topic. Practice, practice and practice.

The saying "Practice makes perfect" is well known and has been around for a long, long time. It will never disappear. Why? Because it is true. It works!

Not only does this apply to math learning, it applies to any area or field that we are weak in. Swimmers practice all day long to improve their timing and flow. Marathon runners practice to sustain their good timing and stamina. Musicians practice their musical score to the finest beat. The list can go on and on......

Thus, to strengthen the weak math topic, search for materials related to that topic and practice on it. Analysis them, link them and understand them. Clarify any unknowns. Be truthful to yourself, and face the issue head-on instead of avoiding them. Do not deny yourselves the chance to learn.

Denying yourself the chance to fully understand the weak topic will lead to incomplete comprehension of the principles and concepts. A false sense of achievement may arise, which can results in shameful outcome later on.

Therefore, to strengthen any weak topic, seek for true understanding by immersing into the topic instead of avoiding it. Bombard your mental space with relevant information and practice many questions on them. By doing so, chances of mastering the weak math topic will be good.

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