Thursday, 14 August 2008

An Interesting Finding About Statistics

Statistics is a branch of maths where numbers are grouped for analysis.

The set of numbers grouped up tells and exhibits some form of behaviour.

They are also used to define boundaries for decision making.

Bar chart, histogram, frequency polygon are some examples used to present data collected.

With the data collected, the mean (average), mode or median plus their standard deviation can be found or computed.

There is nothing complicated in this approach in the studies of statistics.

It is therefore, an area whereby math learners like. They see the application, I believe.

The interesting finding is that students who DO NOT do well in areas like trigonometry, indices or logarithm, surprisingly, CAN do well in statistics!

Why is it so? It beats me. Maybe another part of the brain is utilised.

However, there is still hope for learners who dislike math.
They is some "escape route" for them!
Statistics may be the link to interest them on math.

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