Monday, 18 August 2008

Know Your Limits While Learning Maths

While learning mathematics, we are always exposed to a few methods of solving a particular maths questions. The methods are taught in order to give us flexibility to select an appropriate technique to "attack" any maths problems.

Is it good then to master all the techniques taught?

The answer is to know your limits.

If you are stressed up learning so many methods, let go of the ones that you find uncomfortable with. Master the one that seems to be the best and easiest to you.

Stay on with this chosen technique of solving problems, and apply it to similar maths questions. This is the first step in the principles of correct mathematics learning.

However, do not be complacent and stay stuck! Having more methods to solve a certain maths problems is always a better and sensible course of action any maths learners should aim for.

After mastering the first selected method, move on and try using another technique that was taught. Practice till it becomes comfortable and an easy tool to use.

In mathematics, flexibility is the norm. Questions are always varied, and thus, solution has to follow suit. It is this nature of solving mathematics that makes a good maths learners achieve much in his later life.

Knowing one's limit is thus important especially when dealing with mathematics. Focus on one method first as too many at a go will only mess up the curious and greedy mind.

Understand that maths problem can be solved through the use of any one method. Even if the steps are more, it is still a way to obtain the answer. Slowly after mastering the selected method, you can explore another method that can shorten the solving process.

At least you are now more relax as you can fall back to the first method if the new technique cannot be comprehended finally.

However, having said that, do review the maths syllabus. Some syllabus do spell out that the students have to master a few methods to solve a certain type of maths questions. For that matter, you are left with no choice but to deal with them accordingly. Seek for help if necessary, and do not simply give up!

Finally a message that I like to share. "Although practice makes perfect, good practice is the one that makes perfect ultimately!"

Choose the correct principles of learning and you will not go wrong. Know your mental limits.


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